Friday, February 25, 2011

Memories of People Power - EDSA I

We haven't slept straight for 4 parents and brothers were all huddled over our radios listening to what was happening in Manila.  The atmosphere in the province was tense and everyone stayed at home waiting to see what would happen.  Those of us who volunteered for Namfrel during the snap election two weeks before were waiting for the signal to gather.  I remember it very as around 8 or 9 PM, we just had dinner and my family and I were all gathered at the dinner table listening to the news...then the commentator calmly said..."wala na si Marcos?"...we all looked at each other thinking...are we hearing it correctly? And then, a stronger voice..."The Marcoses have left MalacaƱang!" and then, another "It's over! Marcos is gone"!  I could feel the tears coming and then I saw my Dad with his silly grin, a look he had every time he felt strong emotions and to keep himself from mom was in tears and we all started hugging each other and jumping for joy.  Then the church bells started to ring and my dad took the car keys, got us all into the car to go to the city center...upon reaching the area...we can see hundreds of people laughing, jumping, hugging and shaking each others' hands.  Almost all were in their night clothes and even one neighbor did not have her teeth on! The church bells kept on ringing and car horns were honking.  As I write this, all those memories comes back and even until now, I could not describe the feeling...a feeling of happiness that until today, 25 years later remain unsurpassed.

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