Monday, January 18, 2010

A Political Issue Called Kris

I really don't want to talk about Kris Aquino and her domestic problems and how this is being used against Noynoy's presidential bid but somehow I find myself doing exactly that.  Why?  Because frankly, she is one of the reasons why I am still very undecided on whether to go for her brother or not.  I know, I know...Kris is not her brother and vice versa. And yes, it's all about perception but hey, I'm just human.  Whether Kris likes it or not, her brother will always be identified with her, so that even though how much Noynoy disapproves of her behavior and lifestyle whatever she does will continue to reflect on him...not fair?  oh yes...but then that's life....and that is human nature.  I feel a little sorry for Kris but with that mouth of hers, she will more than be able to fight her battles.  Mayen Austria and her family will soon enough realize that by talking to media, they will get more than what they bargained for...

As for James Yap...either Kris enrolls him in a crash course in intelligent reasoning and conversation or just send him home to his one comedian once said. This union was doomed from the intelligent, affluent, smart-mouthed, sophisticated older female marrying a not so bright, not so articulate, promdi, much younger basketball player whose only common denominator is their being celebrities....tsk...tsk...

God help the Philippines...ehe! hindi pala...God help Noynoy =)

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