Thursday, August 12, 2010

Political Dynasty & Transitions:It's Implications for Civil Servants

The May 2010 elections brought a diverse mix of personalities entering politics. What was obvious and apparent though is the unshakable presence of political dynasties in both the national and local government. That majority of these political families won the contested seats was no surprise. But does belonging to the same political family denote that character, values and approach to governance be the same?  What kind of president will P-Noy be? Will he be like his mother? or the president his father could have been? or will he be his own person? These questions applies to other elected officials as well who have come to an elective office used to be held by a parent, brother, sister, uncle...etc.  Will they do better? Will they be the same? Will they do worse? or...Will they be completely different?

It has only been 30 days since their assumption to office, too early to make a comparison but from what I have seen and experienced these past few days, people even if they share similar genes, upbringing or values are basically his or her own person, with his or her own style, reactions and personality.  So if we are all looking for continuity in these political transitions...for these new leaders to have similar leadership and management styles as their family members...don't look too long because for sure, they won't be the same and instead of griping about it, we should be ready to cope with the difference and significant changes to come.  In fact it has already started.  We in the civil service can only hope that our new bosses practice impartiality, fair dealings and equal opportunity for all.

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